Website Design

Website is the foundation of any business and we believe that if the foundation is strong, your business will taste the fruit of success. We make your website stand out from your competitors but we always believe that your website should not look beautiful but should also convey your brand’s story to the customers.
We also believe that most of your customers visit a website through mobile and that is why our team of experts create two wireframes, one for the desktop and other one for the mobile. After that, we move to the designing and structuring your website and ensure to keep an impressive and yet a clean look. All this is followed by the logo of your website, menu bars, tabs, CTA, color variations and a lot more.
Also, we design the website of all our clients in such a way that there is a lower bounce rate (% of visitors on a website that bounces back after visiting a single page) and maximum conversion. The websites designed by us will keep your customers engaged and they will be more inclined towards clicking the menu bars and CTAs. Therefore, a lower bounce rate will increase the conversion rate on your website and you will soon be visible to the masses.

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