In simple words, data visualization is a graphic representation of data and information. With the help of visuals like charts, maps and graphs, data visualization provides an easy way to understand outliners, trends and patterns of data.

In order to make data-driven decisions for the growth of your business, we use data visualization tools and technologies to analyze information. 

The advantages of data visualization are: 

• It offers a clean and quick understanding of information. 

• It helps you to know about the emerging trends so that you can include them in your business. 

• It makes it easier for you to share insights. 

The common tools used by us to visualize data are: 

Microsoft Excel: We use spreadsheet data as a source for tables and charts. 

Google Data Studio: Through this tool, we link to a variety of data sources to visualize the data. 

SAS Visual Analytics: We take the help of dashboards, visualization and report to analyze the data.

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