Analyzing the right keywords for your products/services help in ranking your website on the top of the search engine. Our team of experts uses the latest technologies to find and analyze the highest searched and relevant keywords as per your product. We have a simple and effective procedure that we follow while finding the relevant keywords for your website

Primary Keyword: We determine the primary keyword with most number of searches for each page or product/service as that will allow more ROI. The primary keyword helps in forming the heading of your page or product/service and also including the primary keyword in the first 2 lines of the content allows more traffic on the page

. Other keywords: After the primary keyword, we bring the focus on other keywords that are fetched after aggressive research and are infused in the content of the website page or product/service.

Sorting and categorizing: After finding the relevant keywords we sort similar keywords under different categories to give you a hassle- free experience. We believe in organizing the keywords in such a way that when it comes to writing the content, we are able to deliver a powerful content driven website to our clients. We follow a unique process in sorting the relevant keywords so that we can provide a personalized experience to all the customers especially when it comes to such an important aspect of the content.

Benefits of Keywords Analysis:

 Identifying the ideal keywords:
To produce relevant content for your audience, it is important to understand which keywords bring traffic to your website. We figure out those keywords through aggressive research and then write content.
Increased conversion:
Apart from attracting visitors, relevant content also brings qualified traffic to your page. The conversion rate would definitely be higher if you provide meaningful content to those visiting your website. Our team of experts writes keyword-centric, relevant and engaging content for your website.
Marketing trend insight:
Analyzing the keywords continuously lets you know about the latest marketing trends and that is why our team stays up to date with all the trends and use them to keep your content latest and relevant.
Identifying the ideal keywords:
After we finish identifying the keywords, we place the keywords in the right location and this hugely affects the organic search ranking. We ensure to place these keywords in the page title, anchor text, alt text, URL, meta title and description to improve your website’s visibility on search engine 

Benefits of On-Page SEO:

1. Powerful and inexpensive marketing:
We plan the structure of your page and include the right keywords so that your website is visible on the top of the search engine. We also, hyperlink the content that takes the customer to the desired product/service.
2. UX improves conversion rate:
 User Experience is an essential factor to make your presence in the market and get a good ranking and therefore, we ensure the UX of your website is as per the latest trends in the industry. This way, better raking leads to better conversion rate
3. Helps to improve CTR:
 On-page SEO also includes optimizing meta description and meta title and therefore, improves Click Through Rate (CTR) to get organic results.
4. Sources of organic traffic:
 We optimize images and videos to improve landing pages and this not only attracts visitors from the search engine but also from images, videos, YouTube, etc.
5. Long Tail Keywords:
 We include long tail keywords in the content of your website and also in internal links so that you get good ranking.
6. Page Speed:
 We ensure that your website opens up quickly without any hassle and this leads to improved website conversion rate and also higher ranking.

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