Mobile SEO is important because people now days prefer using mobile phone to visit websites rather than a laptop as they wish to have everything on their fingertips. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a mobile-optimized website for a more effective online presence. We believe in giving the first priority to the mobile version unlike others in the market who has given it a back seat. We believe that if a website’s UI, content, pictures, tabs, etc. displays rightly on the mobile phone, the footfall on your website increases drastically.
The things we take into consideration while optimizing your website are:
1. Mobile configuration: We use the 2 best routes that are reliable for good marketing value.
Responsive: In a responsive website, the coding of the website is such that it allows it to adjust as per different screens according to the display. A single responsive website works well on all platforms.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): It is a version of HTML that is designed only for mobile devices and helps the page to load fast.
2. Usability: We concentrate on providing the best user experience to your customers or clients by working on a few issues that your website may face on mobile devices.
Content format: To ensure that the content of your website is properly displayed on mobile phones, we do various experiments with the size and font of the content.
Links, buttons and CTAs: We ensure that all the buttons and CTAs on your website are large so that your customer can easily tap with fingers while accessing your website on mobile.
3. Coding: Various coding issues may cause problem in  mobile sites. And therefore, to offer the best services to our clients, we decrease the number of automated HTTP, use CSS, ensure the mobile site is not blocking CSS, videos, images, etc.
Benefits of mobile SEO:
1. Increases brand visibility and expands business
2. Allows easy conversations with customers over quick messaging
3. Increase organic traffic that eliminates the need of spending money on advertisements
4. Helps to service customers anytime, anywhere

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